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the Best In Us All

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Welcome to Best Start Brantford/Brant.  The local Best Start Network is committed to providing information and resources to help parents and care givers make the best choices for their children.  Best Start is Ontario's plan to enhance the early learning, child care and healthy development of the province's children so they are ready to achieve success in school by the time they start Grade 1. In short, it is about bringing out the best in all of us.

The Best in Our Children

The key goals are to care for the Children in our community in their early years so that they are ready to learn when they enter school and thus able to be successful. To help every child in Brant realize their potential, the community will offer a variety of early learning and child care services.

The Best in Our Families

Parents play the most important role in their child's life. Best Start is about supporting parents and families to give them the best opportunity for their child in the early years of their life.

The Best in Our Communities

In Brantford/Brant, our Community partners are a dedicated part of an integrated system of supports for early child development and parenting. Best Start has strengthened our partnerships and enhanced them so we can continue to build the best learning environment for families in our community.